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Mobile wallet, peer to peer payments, and a dedicated offers marketplace.

We developed a business intelligence system for anti-money laundering protection. We also designed and implemented the payment transaction system, which is the core of the whole product.

Technology: Java, Spring Boot, ElasticSearch, Docker, Apache Spark


Cloud-based application to assess the impact of different staffing approaches on the number of appointments that could be delivered.

The service allows users to define a staffing approach, calculates the number of appointments that could be delivered, and compares this with current / expected future activity.

We migrated existing Excel-based solution to the cloud. We developed a back-end REST API and an user interface based on React.js.

Technology: Java, Spring Boot, React.js, MySQL, Docker, Amazon Web Services

Pricing rules engine
Pricing rules engine

Business rules engine to help a global online travel broker manage pricing rules for hotel and flight reservations.

We integrated the JBoss Drools engine to allow to create a manage complicated pricing rules. The core service was exposed via dedicated REST API and a simple user interface.

Technology: Java, Spring Boot, JBoss Drools, Docker, Amazon Web Services